Going on to Week 4

This week I am starting my fourth and final week of the Whole 30. In some ways it feels like I have been doing this for way way longer than just three weeks. I don’t feel like I need to eat a cookie or that I need to eat some ice cream or I need to make that run to Wawa for a snack. I feel like I hit the reset button on my brain and stomach!


One of the hardest things about this has been not eating Easter candy. It is not that I am craving it and struggling to avoid it, I just love Easter candy! My family starts shopping for Easter candy as soon as Valentine’s day is over, and stock up for the upcoming months. The one thing I am looking forward to the most is baking. I love to bake for my friends, family, and class mates at school, but I know myself well enough to not tempt myself. I would have no self control. Plus, I always like to test what I bake before I let other people try it!

I headed home for the next two weeks for vacation, and I am nervous about keeping strong while home. My mom loves to use us kids as an excuse to eat certain foods. She uses me as an excuse to eat Chinese food, and she uses my sister as an excuse to eat pizza, neither of which are Whole 30 friendly. My dad could eat cereal and toast for dinner and be fine, he never needs anything fancy or complicated.

Before I came home, I had my dad go to the grocery store and get Whole 30 approved food for me to eat. It was extra important because of the snow storm that was coming. I wasn’t able to go to the grocery store the night I got home and I figured it would be closed the next day. He went on Sunday night, which meant the grocery store was out of so many things, with everyone getting ready for the upcoming week and snow storm plus our grocery store is getting renovated. Hopefully, I can stick out this last week!

Let the 7 day count down begin!



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