Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Today is the day I get to celebrate my best friend all day! She turns six today, which blows my mind! It feels like just yesterday that I picked her up and brought her home. She was so nervous and shaking, and she smelled terrible. My mom asked us why we picked her. Little did she know, that she would become the best dog. My mom tries to steal her all the time.

This past year we have done a lot! We have covered a ton of miles in the woods mountain biking and hiking. We got a new member added to the family, still trying to decide if we like her or not (just kidding, Kiwi). We tried to adopt a Norwich terrier, but my parents are preventing it. We traveled to Snowshoe, WV and got snowed on in October. We traveled out to Breckinridge, CO, the farthest west she has ever been! And we are finishing up our last year of school, ever! Here are some photos from the past year.

Life is so much better with her by my side, and I would never want it any other way!


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