The Weekly Update

I was so disappointed by this week’s snowstorm! I was on vacation with no where to be and wanted an excuse to snow me inside by the fire place, but I woke up to the freezing rain hitting my window on Wednesday morning. I looked outside and could still see the grass peeking through the snow. There was enough snow for kids to sled at a nearby park, and we also saw a snowman (the warm snow was great for packing). Dizzy still loved the small the amount of snow we got and enjoyed doing donuts in the yard!

One of my goals for while we are home is to make sure Dizzy has the best possible time. I know how hard it is for her when I am so busy with school working long hours. It is so easy for me to see how I am doing with her Whistle activity monitor. We got Kiwi one for her birthday and I know my sister has been struggling to make sure Kiwi hits her goal everyday. This week I drove down to visit my sister, Paige, this week and pick up her dog. She has some busy weeks and weekends ahead and needed someone to watch Kiwi. It is perfect for me because I am on vacation!

It has been great spending some time with my parents this week. My parents have a weird work schedule where they work sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I like it because there is usually someone home with me to hang out with or do things with! My dad is always ready to do bike activities while my mom is more ready to relax, play with the dogs, or work on the house! It’s a great balance for me. Pretty soon, I will be moved out and on my own and I won’t get to spend as much time wit my parents, so I am cherishing this time with them!

Here are some things I am loving this week!

It’s Prom Season! // How cute is this? These two kids met during cross country and he used that as a way to ask her to prom! I cannot imagine how long it took him to plan out the route to make sure it spelled prom.

Envy of Artists // I wish I was an artist or had any artistic ability. I love looking at art and seeing what other people can create. I find watching the Lilly Pulitzer print designers paint really soothing! Here is a video of their new painting at The Breaker’s in Palm Beach!

March Madness // March Madness has officially begun! I stumbled across this highlight real from all the best game winning shots over the years. It is no secret that I love the Terps and was rooting for them in their tournaments this year. Check out this bracket and pick your winner or just follow along with the tournament!

Cute Sneakers // I have been on the hunt for a pair of sneakers for everyday wear that don’t look like your wearing your running shoes and mom jeans. I couldn’t pick a final pair, until I found these new Tory Burch sneakers with the cute ruffles! Now, I just need to pick a color.

Pass the Heinz // 50 years ago Don Draper proposed an idea for a Heinz Ketchup ad that was passed up. Now, they used his idea for a Mad Men inspired commercial. Such a fun way to combine the two with this new ad! (I cannot wait to have some french fries once I finish the Whole 30).


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