Haulin’ Auss

This past weekend, I have had these two crazy dogs to entertain. Over the past months, these girls have developed quite the relationship. They love to play, but they also love to herd and be the boss. It is always a battle of who can get up the stairs first or who can get more love from one of us or who can run faster to get the ball. It can be nerve racking making sure one of them, of one of us, doesn’t get hurt. They seem to get tunnel vision and forget that there is a world around them. But, we love them anyway!


The best part about these girls is that they are always ready to do whatever or go where ever. This past weekend we met my friend, Caitlin, and went for a walk around Centennial Lake. By the time we got back to the car, Kiwi was walking at almost a normal pace. They were just so excited to be out somewhere different. The sun began to peak through the clouds by the end of the walk, which was really nice to absorb.

We have also been spending a lot of time at Kinder Farm Park, a local park just around the corner from our house. There are a ton of walking trails and ever some farm animals to visit! It is just a beautiful place to visit, and it is a great place to walk the dogs. These girls are sure getting plenty of outdoor time, and they get home and just crash. Nothing is better than seeing your dogs take a hard nap and really sleep. It is such a great feeling knowing they had a wonderful and exhausting day. Sometimes I feel that the more we do with them, the more in shape they get which is why it gets harder to tire them out!



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