The Weekly Update

This week has been a little bit hectic. My mom was really sick for most of my time home, she even spent a day in the hospital. I was happy that I was home because I was able to take care of her while my dad was at work. Luckily, she is doing better now and getting her normal spunk back! We are traveling to Charleston next weekend to run a 10k and she needs to keep running. We have also overpacked our itinerary, which is typical, so she needs to be at full strength! The rest of my time home was spent playing with Dizzy and Kiwi, relaxing, and biking, both indoors and out.


I am not really ready to go back to school this weekend. I have really enjoyed just relaxing and being my family. I also am getting really nervous about graduating school as it flies towards me! I want time to slow down. Speaking of slowing down, Dizzy turned six years old last week. She acts like a puppy so much of the time, full of energy and always ready to play. I don’t notice a difference in her age until she is around Kiwi, who just turned one.



ONE // With all my future travel plans, I was in the market for some new luggage! I came across this design that is perfect! My phone always dies while traveling because I listen to music constantly while traveling.

TWO // With sports at the forefront of most people’s minds, this comment by a coach really stood out to me! Sports play a huge role in our lives, whether we are young or old, and we learn so much by our coaches and professional and collegiate athletes.

THREE // I weirdly skipped a year of college and never technically graduated, so graduating this year is a huge deal to me. I am so excited to share this news with my friends and family. I love this post with the cutest graduation announcements and I cannot wait to send mine out! I need to slow down and wait because March is just a tad bit too early!

FOUR // I am not someone who would say they have anxiety, but I definitely overthink and over craze about everything in my life. I can be meticulous to a fault, driving people around me a little nuts at times. This article got me thinking and is a good read!

FIVE // Heath and my dad were so lucky to get to travel to St. George, Utah for the opening NUE race. I am beyond jealous of where they were able to ride. The trails sounded amazing. I hope to get the chance to ride here some day! You can check out his race report here!


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