Exploring Annapolis

My mom and I took the dogs to Downtown Annapolis for some exploring. Once my mom started to feel better, we needed to get her out of the house to have some fun and going down to the water was just the ticket! It is so much fun just to be down there. The atmosphere is so bright and happy and being down on the water is extremely relaxing. Once I graduate, in just seven weeks, I will be fifteen minutes from downtown by car and forty minutes by bike, making it somewhere I hope to spend a lot of time.


The dogs absolutely love it down there. People wanted to pet and love on them and they enjoyed staring down all the ducks! It was also such a beautiful day that they were happy to be out in the fresh air. I love to walk around and peek in shops. One of my favorite places to go to is Dock Street Coffee and grab a drink. Honestly, it is better than Starbucks!

We stopped by Storm Bros Ice cream and grabbed an ice cream cone to share. The ice cream here is top notch and delicious. I hope not to get addicted to it when I move here! There are so many great restaurants down here as well that will be great to eat at with friends and family, especially once the weather gets nice and we can eat outside.




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