Better than Rice!

I have a huge new food favorite. If you are like me and love Chipotle, but hate feeling like you gained ten pounds after eating a burrito or burrito bowl this is for you! This is cauliflower rice! I know it may sound weird. Honestly, who even likes cauliflower? I now have a new appreciation for it. It is an amazing rice substitute.

I love to eat burrito bowls with (cauliflower) rice, vegetables, ground turkey, fish, chicken, and so much more. They are such an easy and versatile meal. It doesn’t take much to make it different from the day before, and I get bored of food so easily! Add some different vegetables or a different protein and it is a brand new food. Plus, it is great reheated for lunch the next day.

Mr brother and I had a really hard time finding cauliflower rice. Our local grocery store says that have it, but we have been unsuccessful finding it in the store. We even tried Whole Food, but they had a box of rice that you would have to boil and would take so much extra work. We need something quick and easy for school nights. Amazon has a type that comes in a bag you just have to microwave. Super easy! They also make other types of noodles that aren’t really noodles that I am looking forward to trying.

I am not super crafty in the kitchen, I will be honest, but I love to try new things! Rice is something that you can whip up into all kinds of dishes. It is also really filling. I am on the search for new types of dishes that involve rice, so if you have any, send them my way!


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