Moving on to Adulthood

I have been in school since I was three years old. Twenty one years of school with no breaks in between. It is honestly all I know. I fall into such a routine when I am at school with my friends and my brother and fall into such a weird rut when I go home. All my good habits go out with window. I have had summer jobs since I finished my freshman year of high school, and I kept one summer job twice a week my last year of college. Even over the summer, my summer jobs weren’t hard or complicated. I worked as a life guard for five summers, where the hours were flexible every week, and someone could always cover for you. Other summers I worked as a veterinary technician for my parents where I could set my hours and they would always give me time off when I needed it. This summer I start my first real job, and I am really nervous.

This is the first time where all my decisions really mean something. I will have help along the way and great mentorship, but I am in charge of much. Even more so than out of work, all my bills will have to be paid by myself. My parents have been wonderful these last seven years and have helped me with my rent and groceries. I saved as much money over the summer as I could so I had to ask my parents for less and really only for the big things. Come the summer, I have to pay for my rent, groceries, gas, car insurance, health insurance, and anything extra I want to do. It is a big responsibility.

I rely a ton on my brother right now. We live together and work together really really well. We have everything down to a science, even though we constantly change things. Food is always made for both of us to share. If one of us is cooking, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we always check in on the other to see if they need anything. Dinner is usually a together activity, and we try new things constantly. It keeps everything interesting! Without him, next year will be really weird. We went to college (for my two years in Towson) one mile apart. Then, with a two year gap, we spent the last three years together at school. I am not ready to lose my brother as my best friend.

This May, I am moving in with my sister, but we have very different habits. We don’t agree on food at all. She is beyond picky when it comes to food, and I don’t enjoy cooking for one person. She always tend to cocoon in her room and stay out of the main areas. My brother and I tend to relax in our tiny living rooms and not in our rooms unless its time for bed. It will just be an adjustment. I am excited to live with her. We have the same taste in junk television shows, which is great. She also will be a great companion to walk our Aussies together. Now, we walk our dogs in different cities and talk on the phone the whole time, so it will be the same, just standing next to each other. We also push each other to be active, we are just too competitive, which can be a good thing.

The one thing I am most excited for is to have a say over my life and weekends. I will have harder weeks and easier weeks, but I get to decide how I spend my time. I won’t have teachers or treatment shifts until midnight at school, where I am exhausted the next day after four hours of sleep. I can also get into a routine that won’t change every two weeks when my rotation changes. Being out of the city will also be a huge plus for me. I am not a city girl. I love to be outside with trees and nature and quiet streets! There won’t be trolleys honking their horns every few hours. I know there will be ups and downs in the upcoming months, but I am really looking forward to my new and exciting life!


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