The Weekly Update

This past week has been really relaxing with easy hours at school. It was a great way to ease back into school after having two weeks off. Despite not being that busy, I have continued to be really exhausted. I have been needing at least seven hours of sleep to be able to function. My days have not really been hard either. I need to get my energy level back up to normal! I have definitely enjoyed being back at school where I can fall into my normal routine with my brother. I am able to eat so much cleaner, and I am more active. As active as I try to be, I just hop in my car at home where I walk everywhere here!

My family went to see Beauty and the Beast this past weekend. I felt such like a kid watching this movie. I really did enjoy it! They did a great job with the characters and animations. The story line was slightly different than it was in the original movie. I thought it had a nice twist or change to it. The hardest part for me was the different voices. This was one of my favorite movies growing up, and I have the original voices engrained in my memory, especially the songs. I am looking forward to watching it again in a few months when it comes out on DVD!

My mom and I are traveling to Charleston this weekend to do The Bridge Run! I am so excited to visit Charleston. I haven’t been down there in years, since I was a young kid, and I definitely didn’t get to appreciate the town. We have a list of things to do while we are there, but would love any tips or recommendations anyone has! Packing for the weather has been hard because it is still so cold in Philadelphia. Plus, my feet are so big and my running shoes take up almost half my suitcase!

Here are some things I am loving this week!

Whitefish, Montana // When I biked across the country two years ago, I fell in love with Whitefish, Montana. Everything about it enticed me to go back there and visit (or move there). It is on the western edge of Glacier National Park. This video has been made by Yeti Bicycles of bikers going through these mountains. You can get a little taste of this place by watching this video. Please put this place on your bucket list to visit, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

March Madness // This weekend is the final weekend of March Madness. This year there has been so many upsets that most people I know have busted brackets. I am happy for South Carolina to have done so well this year (the Terps are my ultimate favorite). Overall, I am rooting for UNC!!

Halo Top Ice Cream // I totally dissed this ice cream last year. It kept popping up as adds and my friends told me about it, but I swore that if I was going to eat ice cream, I was going to eat the real stuff. But how do you just eat one serving of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream?? You can’t! This ice cream is low in calories, one pint has about the same calories as one serving of other ice creams. Now, I will be honest and say that not all flavors are that great and flavorful. You really have to pick and choose, or try them all as my brother and I are doing! My favorites so far have been mint chip and cookies and cream!

Must Love Dogs // I love dogs more than anything, especially these fluffy Australian shepherds. There is just something so undeniably wonderful about them. My dog, Dizzy, is the best one of all, but this little nugget is also pretty cute! I hope these videos continue and we get to watch him grow. His eyes are unbelievable!

These Sandals // I have really sensitive feet, making it hard to wear cute shoes. Anything that doesn’t have a sturdy sole won’t last more than ten minutes on my feet. I end up unable to walk for days! Sam Edelman shoes have worked well for me through clinics when I am on my feet most of the day. I can’t wait to try these studded sandals!

Coffee with a View // I love to visit new coffee shops with great energy and vibes. I tend to end up back at Starbucks because I can get the same cup at any location. It is the consistency I enjoy. These stores make you feel like you aren’t in the same old busy Starbucks with some character inside.


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