House Update

The house renovations have been cruising along these last few weeks. It feels like in no time it will be complete, even though there is still a ton of work to be done! There are only six weeks left until it is done. I felt like just yesterday we were walking through the framing.


I have been slightly disappointed in how the master bathroom finished. We had some trouble with getting the tile we had originally set aside. It is just a little whiter than I had wanted. The pop of color with the navy blue cabinets makes a huge difference in there. I also think paint and decorations will help to get more of the look I was hoping for. In the end, it’s just a bathroom and I am the one who will see it, not everyone else.

The guest bathroom has a pretty tile trim on it that my mom wanted in there and it looks great. She has a textured tile in the shower that flows really nicely. The jack and jill bathroom is what my sister wanted. The grey cabinets added a nice touch to break up the white in there. The main floor powder room has cute trim in there that I really like!


The kitchen is coming together beautifully! There is more space in the kitchen than I ever imagined. I love the bead board that wraps the back of the island. There is so much storage in the kitchen it honestly doesn’t feel real. The kitchen I have at school as four cabinets in it for all food, cups, plates, appliances, and anything else. I cannot wait to cook in this kitchen for my friends and family! It is going to be a dream.

I am giddy with excitement for the counter tops to come. I really think they are going to break up the white in the house and really make a statement. Soon, I have to go and pick the exact pieces and cuts for the counters. The island is going to be one huge piece and I love that!


The railings in the house were a much bigger deal than I ever realized. Picking a railing is way more complicated than it seems. There are so many types of railing from wood to metals to cable railing and beyond. We don’t have a lot of railing to cover, just in the entry way. I didn’t want it to be a focal point in the house and obstruct the view. I also wanted a railing that was different and not your everyday railing. We ended up picking a cable railing that I am extremely excited for!



I wanted the color in the house to all be one color and flow through. I know paint can really make and change a room, but I chickened out on doing something crazy and out there. We grew up with a light yellow wall, and while it does look nice and bright, I wanted something different than I was used to. We ended up choosing a really light grey that almost seems white unless it is next to white.

Paint color names are so ridiculous. Since we were playing in the shades of grey, so many names were related to Fifty Shades. The color we ended up picking did not have a fun names, and I was a little disappointed. I hesitated picking it just a little because I wanted a fun name, but my mom talked me out of that one!


I am so tired of looking at light fixtures. It is so frustrating and time consuming going through all these lights. I can sit for an hour an just not find a light that I like. The one thing I keep reminding myself is how little I focus on lights when I am in other people’s homes. I rarely notice them. I only focus on them now because I am in need of lights.

All the bedrooms have ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are not attractive, they are just practical. I sleep with a ceiling fan even in winter. It allows me to curl up in a bunch of blankets and have some air circling. I also like the slight sounds they make! It is soothing to sleep to. I still have a lot to do in this area.


I have never had a house with a laundry room that was “fun” to be in. Growing up, it was in the basement and always a little creepy. It was a mud room, but we rarely ever came in that door. We fed our dogs downstairs and kept all the snacks for school. The tile was creepy and old and I really didn’t like being there. In my parent’s house, it is in the kitchen and it is so convenient. Since being in college, I only have one and a half years with free laundry in my apartment. The last four years, I have had to truck outside and into a creepy basement where it costs four dollars to do one small load of laundry.

In this house, I have a laundry room with a full sized washing machine and dryer. And, they are on the correct side, where you don’t have to awkwardly go around the door to reach the dryer. There is going to be space to keep all the extra sheets and towels, which will be fantastic! I also have a dog that loves to get as dirty as possible at all times. There is a dog wash in the laundry room with a long handle to get the dogs clean. I love it!


I won’t get to see the house for two weeks. So much is going to change in that period of time. This project is flying by and I am anxious to move in. Decorating with artwork and furniture is going to take a long time. I want it to feel homey yet put together. We will see where it goes!


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