Sweet Potato Waffles

My brother can get on a kick of making things and just keeps at it. Currently, he has been loving sweet potato waffles, which works for me. The best thing about them is that they are so versatile! You can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just change your toppings and it’s completely different. He has been covering his in shredded chicken, while I have been covering them in strawberries and homemade Nutella (more on that to come!).

We found a really easy way to make the sweet potatoes manageable. It can be so hard to chop and boil the potatoes. Start by cutting holes into the potato. Then, microwave the potatoes for about five minutes until soft. Lastly, you can scoop the potato out of the skin. It saves you from having to peel the potatoes too! (If anyone has any great ways, please feel free to share!!)

We didn’t have a waffle maker before we started this cooking expedition. I found this waffle maker on amazon for less than twenty dollars! Some waffle makes can be costly, but this one does a great job and is easy to clean. It is also small, which is a must in our tiny kitchen! I have no experience with making waffles. It just wasn’t something we ate growing up. We were a pancake family. It took no time at all to get the gist of this waffle maker down.

For this recipe, I used two sweet potatoes and three eggs. The potatoes were shredded/pre-cooked using the microwave method. Then, the eggs were added in second. This was then cooked on the griddle for about 6 minutes. The batter takes a little longer than a regular waffle because it is thick. Once it is cooked, you can put on any toppings you want! I tended toward sweeter toppings- homemade Nutella, cinnamon cream cheese, butter and syrup, or strawberries and powdered sugar. Heath cooked chicken in the crock pot and shredded it as a topping. Anything you can imagine will taste great on top!


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