The Holy City

This past weekend my mom and I were fortunate to travel down to Charleston for the Bridge Run. It was a wonderful city and we had a blast. We had been here once many, many years ago, and we actually more on Kiawah Island and not really Charleston. The photos you see do not do this city justice. It is a must see.


The weather was absolutely perfect the whole time we were there. On Saturday, it was 86 degrees and sunny, and on Sunday, it was 77 degrees. Perfect weather to be out exploring. It was definitely warm compared to the 40 degrees and rain I left in Philly. I was not complaining one bit. Everyone we talked to said that the weather in Charleston is perfect expect for in the heat of the summer where you sweat buckets as soon as you walk outside, something I would not do well with because I am always hot anyway.


After the race, we spent the day just walking around and exploring. We walked down King Street where they have a ton of shopping. We walked in and out of stores and bought some things. We found so much great artwork that was really hard to keep walking by. Some things were shipped home to decorate the house I am moving into (sorry, Dad!). The Charleston Market was full of local artwork and handcrafted homegoods and cooking supplies/food.

One of my favorite places we went to was Rainbow Row. The houses were full of so much color. I loved it! I could definitely move into one of these.


It was great just to spend time with my mom and catch up. We had fun just talking about life and nothing and laughing about everything. We spent a lot of time just wandering around. We had no plans and no where to be, which allowed us to be free to explore.


On Sunday, we rented bikes to get around. We biked from downtown to Sullivan’s Island and to the Citadel. We also biked through the College of Charleston. These bikes were extremely welcomed because of how sore we were. It also allowed us to see so much more. My mom brought her Garmin running watch and tracked how far we biked. We ended up biking almost 35 miles in total!

I know Charleston is full of amazing restaurants and food, but we spent most of our time out exploring and not much time eating! We would get snacks and small things along the way as we needed without sitting down for a long meal. We will definitely have to go back to eat more local food.

This city was really hard to leave. Everyone was so welcoming and happy, it was infectious. I really want to make this run a tradition, to give myself an excuse to go back and visit. There are so many unique places here that behind every turn in a new place to explore. I am counting down the days until I return!


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