The Weekly Update

This week has been a little bit of a whirl wind. Getting back from such a wonderful weekend vacation, made it really hard to fall back into normal life, but it was also the energy recharge that I needed to get through this week. This weekend one of my longest friends and her boyfriend are coming up to Philly to visit. I am so excited to explore the city I know with my friends. We are going to spend Saturday night at the Phillies game which is going to be great!

I get to spend two weeks at home on vacation after this. My hours are going to be spent biking as much as possible, weather dependent! Please pray for sunshine and warm, spring days. My brother and I have been on a real health kick trying to eat as healthy as possible to get ready for our upcoming bike races. It has been great. I never feel stuffed or gross, which is a great feeling. I need to keep this up for the next three weeks before my endurance race!

Here are some things I am loving right now!

Easter Dessert // I absolutely love Easter. It is a fantastic excuse to see my family and eat candy (I know I just said I need to eat healthy, but everything is OK in moderation!). We still do an Easter egg hunt with our eggs full of candy! Here is a cute treat to bring to your family’s Easter celebration.

J. Crew’s Jenna // Jenna is leaving J. Crew. I cannot really wrap my head around this because she is someone I associate with J. Crew so completely. She does classic with a twist so well, and she is someone I look to for inspiration! I will say that J. Crew hasn’t been my go to shop as much recently, that I just don’e love everything like I used to. They still have a ton of great things to choose from, but they aren’t for me. Here are two (one, two) great articles to read about it! I am intrigued and curious to see where J. Crew heads now.

Rain, Rain, Go Away // The old saying April showers bring May flowers has been in full affect. It just keeps raining, with more rain in the forecast. I have to walk my dogs and get to and from school even if it is raining. I was in search for shoes that I could wear around school without being Bean boots or tall rain boots, and I found these guys! I cannot wait for them to come in the mail.

Creative Dog Owners // My sister sent me this fantastic article about a man and his bull terrier. We had a bull terrier named Logan growing up, and these guys are sure special. Read this article if you need a smile. The images are awesome!


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