The Weekly Update

I have been loving my time at home. The weather has been so unbelievable that I just spend all my time outdoors. I have been laying outside on the dock while Dizzy goes in and out of the water. I got a little burned on Monday (even though I was wearing leggings and a tank top) and have been lathering on the sun screen ever since.

Thank goodness Dizzy’s feet are finally feeling better. When I tried to take her for a walk on Tuesday and Wednesday, she was a little reluctant to go. She dragged on the way out and was so happy when we turned home which is not like her at all. Thursday she had her spunk back and she is finally walking normally!

I pulled my good camera out these past few days. I usually just take photos with my phone, but with all my spare time I decided to spend it working on my photography skills. My mom always says that you need a nicer camera the worse you are at taking pictures. I really wish I knew how to use my camera’s features. Dizzy has been my subject but she is honestly starting to get annoyed. I accidentally linked all my photos from my computer to my phone and added seven thousand photos onto my phone’s camera role. Oops! I am still working to correct that one!

Here are some things I have been loving this week!

Man Running Appalachian Trail
This Adorable Elderly Couple
How to Fold a Napkin
Cattle Dogs are So Weird
I NEED This Car


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