Working Out Without the Gym

School is super stressful and doesn’t leave many hours to worry about your health and fitness. I know I am not the only one who goes to school before the gym opens and leaves after it closes. Or sometimes you have to plans and commitments and loved ones/pets counting on you and can’t go to the gym after school/work. It also stinks to pay for a gym membership you only use once a month. It isn’t worth the money at that point. You end up eating junky food and not being your best self. The rut just keeps getting bigger.


I found that I needed a way to do some workouts without going to the gym. I needed a way to feel sore and accomplished in a short period of time that I could do at any time of day. I hit google to help me figure out what was next. That is when I found the BBG program. It has three strength conditioning and three cardio workouts per week. I am able to consistently do cardio by riding my bike on the trainer, but I needed it for the strength work. These are thirty minute workouts that you can do almost anywhere!

The workouts need weights and a medicine ball and a way to do step ups. Some other equipment is also needed, but I usually just fudge it when I am at home without it. I got weights and a medicine ball off Amazon because it was hard for me to get to a store. These workouts really work your arms, legs, and abs. It really does a good job of making you feel sore the next day. I also felt like I noticed results quickly when I do the workouts consistently. For example, I barely could do push-ups when I started and often had to cheat to my knees. Now, I can do fifteen push-ups in a row. Progress! No matter how big or small, it is progress.


I usually do these workouts in my living room with a yoga mat. My dogs are always so helpful, licking my face as I do pushups or ab work, making it just a little harder. The time flies by with TV on in the background. Since being home more recently, I have been working out outside, which is so refreshing!


My favorite move is the commando, where from a plank position you move to a push-up position and back to a plank position. It works your core and upper body. It always seems to be at the end of the work-out when my arms are shaking. I work on these almost everyday, regardless of whether I did a full work-out that day or not.

This program comes as an app on your phone, which is great because it is always with you! If you are on vacation and traveling, visiting a friend, or whatever, this workout can be done. Keeping you on a schedule and consistent. I highly recommend it if you need something to kick start your summer body!


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