The Weekly Update

This has been such a wonderful week. I was fortunate to start this week by getting to see my friend run the Boston Marathon. The rest of the week was spent relaxing, playing with Diz, and biking. It was supposed to rain for most of the week, but it fortunately kept getting pushed back. We got lucky with wonderful weather that wasn’t too hot! It is going to be hard to go back to school after such a wonderful time at home, but I only have two weeks left at school!


I also started running again since running the Bridge Run with my mom a few weeks back. I used to run all the time, but stopped when I started biking more last summer. I just didn’t have time to do them both. I used to be the type of person that could get up and run five miles without thinking about it just by running every once and a while. I was able to pull the Bridge Run out of nowhere, but I really want to get my running shape back. The hardest part is that to get out of my neighborhood, there is always a three quarter mile long hill, not the best warm-up. It is coming back, but really, really slowly.


Here are some things I am loving this week!

Tory Burch Sale // I definitely did some damage with this sale this week! It is going through Monday. It is the perfect sale to get some things for summer or for Mother’s Day!

Must Love Dogs // This is so true and something I already live by. Dogs are the secret to a happy life!

Dirty Lemon // I have been hearing about this, but I am unsure if it is worth a try! If anyone knows/has tried this, let me know!

Renovations // I love home renovations, and I am beyond excited to follow along with Julia and Thomas’s home renovations. Their house is already so amazing with so much character and I wish I had their brains when decorating!

Foodie // I have been following along this food Instagram for a while and Elisabeth recently started a blog! I cannot wait to try the blueberry crumb bars.

Young College Athletes // After watching my cousin’s middle school lacrosse game, I don’t think this could be closer to the truth. There is way more pressure on these young athletes than we realize. The media and parents and competitors all need to be aware of their extreme stress. 


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