Traveling with Dogs

I really run most of my day around Dizzy. I feel bad if she doesn’t have a great day every day because she kinda has no control over that. She goes everywhere with me that she can. Whether we are going just up to the grocery store or whether we are going to Vermont, the car has to equipped with what she needs!


The hardest thing about Dizzy is that she loves to be dirty, and she has a real knack for getting dirty even in the cleanest places. It plays a huge part in what I keep in my car to protect my car and prevent it from becoming brown. Dizzy always ride shot gun when it is just the two of us. Her seat is always protected by a seat cover. It is super easy to put on the seat and you can unclip the part around the headrest if someone else needs to sit there. They can be washed in the washing machine and dried outside!


I keep a bag in my car with necessities for having her with me. I always keep water in the car with this collapsable water bowl (I got it from Amazon). You never know if the weather is going to change, your car is going to break down, or if you are going to make some extra stops along the way. I also keep dog food or treats around. I am very lucky to have a dog that doesn’t get into things if left in the car, no matter what it is, so I can leave it in a plastic bag. If your dog tends to get into things, I would recommend putting it in a tight sealed container!

I know it may seem weird that there is a tarp in the back of the car. I started this when we were on a search and rescue team because everything got so incredibly dirty. It helps protect the trunk, especially now when dirty bikes shoes and bike wheels go in the car after riding. There is also a stack of blankets and towels. These are great to clean up Dizzy or protect the back seats if needed.


Dog leashes are an important part of traveling with dogs. In the past, I have forgotten leashes when traveling because I don’t use one to get from the house to the car. I now keep a spare leash or two in the trunk at all times. It is important to always keep a leash because you never know where you might end up or what might happen. I also Dizzy’s everyday leash in the door for easy access. You don’t want to be digging around in the car looking for a leash when you need it!


I love traveling with Dizzy. I look forward to many road trips ahead, especially to do some great hiking and exploring!


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