The Weekly Update

This is a really weird week for me. It is my second to last week of school ever, and the senioritis has really started to set. I am on this rotation with one of my best friends from school, which makes it so much more fun. Plus, I really haven’t seen her much in the last weeks and I am enjoying spending time with her!


I am also leaving today to head to Tennessee for my first marathon bike race. I have been training so hard these last weeks, but I am still so nervous for this race. I have put a ton of pressure on myself to do well because I really enjoy this sport. What if I didn’t train enough, or what if I bonk at mile 50 when the trail becomes a wall of steepness, or what if I get dehydrated or what if anything? My goal is to finish in less than 6 hours, ideally less than 5.5. You gotta dream big, right? I am competing against so many amazing riders at this race. I just really don’t want to finish last. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here are some things I have been loving this week!

These amazing travel mugs!

Everyone needs some fun pants in their life! These are perfect for spring and summer. They will definitely bring you a smile on a hard day.

Dizzy desperately needs a new collar. These are so great and I am excited to get one in a print! They are made with bike tires (perfect right?), and they have a built in bottle opener!

New sunglasses are the perfect thing for summer. Oakley makes my favorite sunglasses and I am looking into these. I love the bright colors!

New workout clothes are always necessary! This is such a cute top that is perfect for the warmer weather headed our way. Lululemon has so much to choose from right now!

These dresses are giving me inspiration for graduation and my brother’s engagement party.

Definitely on-board with this new trend for spring/summer! My shopping carts are full of shirts and dresses in this style.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend!


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