Pure Barre

I have always wanted to try Pure Barre. I never really understood what it was and spent a lot of time researching. When I was home on break, I asked my friend Caitlin if she wanted to go! She is always in for a work-out class and was a great person to go with. We had to not look at each other in the mirror because we would laugh, but it was so much fun to go with a friend!

Here is what I have learned after my first Pure Barre classes!

One // Before your first class, spend some time online learning the lingo and watching the video. Get there early! Your instructor will go over how the class works, how to set up, and go over the lingo and what it means. It was awkward while everyone watched, but so helpful.

Two // Definitely wear leggings and and a tank top. you feel comfortable in. They recommend sticky socks, and I would too! I didn’t have a pair for my first class and really regretted it. I spent a lot of time sliding my feet across the carpet during planks and not doing the workout.

Three // The warm up is not a warm up, it is hard work. I was expecting some nice stretches and light work. I was so wrong. I was sweating within seconds. I had no idea how I was going to make it through the whole class after my first warm-up.

Four //  You probably won’t be able to do everything and your instructor will correct you. There was parts of the work out that I couldn’t do. The planks are long and my arms and abs got so tired. I had to put my knees down, but it leaves rooms for progress. The movements are controlled and have slight position adjustments that matter. The angle of your hip makes a difference. I didn’t realize how the little movements really make a difference in what muscle or muscles you work.

Five // Have fun! The more fun you have the more you will get out of it. The room is small and tight when the room is packed. Having fun makes it more fun for everyone. Working out is a time to let out the stress and let loose, not get stressed about the work out.


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