School’s Out For Ever!

This weekend was my last weekend of clinics, finishing with a bang being on call for surgery all day Sunday. Our last day of clinics on Friday was such a weird feeling. Some classmates brought in a waffle maker and griddle to make us funfetti pancakes and waffles. There was so much food and we basically ate all day.


We have all been going to school for so long, it doesn’t feel right to not be. I am definitely excited to be an adult, but I am going to miss all my friends. My class has become such a family. I love wandering through the hospital to find friends and chat or ask for help on a case. We are definitely going to need a big group chat to bounce ideas off each other and share our crazy cases together.


Today, some of my friends and I are headed to Cancun to soak up some run and celebrate the occasion! We are carrying on our luggage, and I struggled so hard getting everything to fit. I know I overpacked and can’t seem to remember what I forgot, there is always something. I burn so easily because I never get to spend time outside. I purchased sunscreen before I left, which had to be smaller than 3 oz, so I bought three bottles (I really don’t want to get burnt!) I plan on always wearing a hat to protect my face. Can’t wait to lay on the beach for three days and just relax!


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