Ch- Ch- Changes

This last two weeks have been a whirl wind of things. From finishing school, to a trip to Mexico, and then home to graduate. It has been full of more emotions than I could have imagined. There are been so much joy and excitement- finishing school, becoming a veterinarian, and spending time with friends in Mexico- so much happiness. But, then came the realization that I have to become an adult and all my friends are moving away from each other. I wasn’t ready for that. I miss my friends more than ever, and I wish we were all back together!


Packing up my apartment has been a few weeks in the making. I haven’t moved in four years, and I have accumulated way to much stuff. So much of it is just stuff and junk. I piled three trash bags full of clothes to donate while I was at school and another five since being at home. I think it is finally easier to part with some things now that I am changing my focus in my life. I am no longer a kid in college and am now an adult with a real job! It feels great to get rid of so much, especially because it means less to move and unpack in a few weeks! My dad keeps pushing me to get rid of more so I don’t fill my new place with junk.


The house my family was renovating for me to move into isn’t ready yet. All my stuff (which is way more than I had imagined) is crammed in my bedroom at home and the furniture is in the garage. I can’t find anything, and it is beginning to really wear on me. I have lost things in the move- I am not sure if I accidentally donated things or if they are just in a box somewhere.  The house is also so close to being done that it is frustrating to not be moving into it. The excitement of being in it and unpacking it and making it my own has been such a long time coming that I just cannot wait!
My brother is getting married in less than two weeks. It felt like this day was so far away when the process all began. I can’t believe it is almost here. Everything is just about ready, and there will always be little things that need to get done over the last days. It is going to be such a whirl wind next two weeks!

This week my dad, Heath, and I are competing in the Transylvania Epic, a five day mountain bike race in State College, PA. We have rented an RV, my dad hates camping in tents, and are getting everything ready for the weekend. It is going to be a hard week of riding for me, all rocks and single track what I struggle with the most! My dad, Ron and I did a long mountain bike ride on Sunday. I fell and bent my brake lever, causing a last minute stop at our local bike shop. Lucikly, they were able to fix it easily. Keep you fingers crossed that the rain holds off!


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