The Weekly Update

This is a really weird week for me. It is my second to last week of school ever, and the senioritis has really started to set. I am on this rotation with one of my best friends from school, which makes it so much more fun. Plus, I really haven’t seen her much in the last weeks and I am enjoying spending time with her!


I am also leaving today to head to Tennessee for my first marathon bike race. I have been training so hard these last weeks, but I am still so nervous for this race. I have put a ton of pressure on myself to do well because I really enjoy this sport. What if I didn’t train enough, or what if I bonk at mile 50 when the trail becomes a wall of steepness, or what if I get dehydrated or what if anything? My goal is to finish in less than 6 hours, ideally less than 5.5. You gotta dream big, right? I am competing against so many amazing riders at this race. I just really don’t want to finish last. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Here are some things I have been loving this week!

These amazing travel mugs!

Everyone needs some fun pants in their life! These are perfect for spring and summer. They will definitely bring you a smile on a hard day.

Dizzy desperately needs a new collar. These are so great and I am excited to get one in a print! They are made with bike tires (perfect right?), and they have a built in bottle opener!

New sunglasses are the perfect thing for summer. Oakley makes my favorite sunglasses and I am looking into these. I love the bright colors!

New workout clothes are always necessary! This is such a cute top that is perfect for the warmer weather headed our way. Lululemon has so much to choose from right now!

These dresses are giving me inspiration for graduation and my brother’s engagement party.

Definitely on-board with this new trend for spring/summer! My shopping carts are full of shirts and dresses in this style.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful weekend!

The Weekly Update

This has been such a wonderful week. I was fortunate to start this week by getting to see my friend run the Boston Marathon. The rest of the week was spent relaxing, playing with Diz, and biking. It was supposed to rain for most of the week, but it fortunately kept getting pushed back. We got lucky with wonderful weather that wasn’t too hot! It is going to be hard to go back to school after such a wonderful time at home, but I only have two weeks left at school!


I also started running again since running the Bridge Run with my mom a few weeks back. I used to run all the time, but stopped when I started biking more last summer. I just didn’t have time to do them both. I used to be the type of person that could get up and run five miles without thinking about it just by running every once and a while. I was able to pull the Bridge Run out of nowhere, but I really want to get my running shape back. The hardest part is that to get out of my neighborhood, there is always a three quarter mile long hill, not the best warm-up. It is coming back, but really, really slowly.


Here are some things I am loving this week!

Tory Burch Sale // I definitely did some damage with this sale this week! It is going through Monday. It is the perfect sale to get some things for summer or for Mother’s Day!

Must Love Dogs // This is so true and something I already live by. Dogs are the secret to a happy life!

Dirty Lemon // I have been hearing about this, but I am unsure if it is worth a try! If anyone knows/has tried this, let me know!

Renovations // I love home renovations, and I am beyond excited to follow along with Julia and Thomas’s home renovations. Their house is already so amazing with so much character and I wish I had their brains when decorating!

Foodie // I have been following along this food Instagram for a while and Elisabeth recently started a blog! I cannot wait to try the blueberry crumb bars.

Young College Athletes // After watching my cousin’s middle school lacrosse game, I don’t think this could be closer to the truth. There is way more pressure on these young athletes than we realize. The media and parents and competitors all need to be aware of their extreme stress. 

The Weekly Update

I have been loving my time at home. The weather has been so unbelievable that I just spend all my time outdoors. I have been laying outside on the dock while Dizzy goes in and out of the water. I got a little burned on Monday (even though I was wearing leggings and a tank top) and have been lathering on the sun screen ever since.

Thank goodness Dizzy’s feet are finally feeling better. When I tried to take her for a walk on Tuesday and Wednesday, she was a little reluctant to go. She dragged on the way out and was so happy when we turned home which is not like her at all. Thursday she had her spunk back and she is finally walking normally!

I pulled my good camera out these past few days. I usually just take photos with my phone, but with all my spare time I decided to spend it working on my photography skills. My mom always says that you need a nicer camera the worse you are at taking pictures. I really wish I knew how to use my camera’s features. Dizzy has been my subject but she is honestly starting to get annoyed. I accidentally linked all my photos from my computer to my phone and added seven thousand photos onto my phone’s camera role. Oops! I am still working to correct that one!

Here are some things I have been loving this week!

Man Running Appalachian Trail
This Adorable Elderly Couple
How to Fold a Napkin
Cattle Dogs are So Weird
I NEED This Car

Phriends in Philly

One of my best friends, Caitlin, was able to come up and visit me in Philly this weekend. Her boyfriend came too and we had a wonderful time exploring the city. I love having friends here because it gives you an excuse to go out and explore. You sometimes take for granted the things that you are used to! With only a few weeks left here, I really wanted to make the most of my time here.

On Saturday, we spent the day catching up and walking around sight seeing. We ate lunch and hung out at Yards brewery. I love taking tours places, I definitely got this from my mom, and they have a great quick tour there! After lunch we walked down the waterfront under the Ben Franklin Bridge and over towards Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest residential street in America. I had never been over here and was stoked to go. The houses are so beautiful and full of so much character. I couldn’t imagine living there with people looking in your windows all day! I loved this drawing that was in the window and talked about the history of the street. img_2388

We stopped at Betsy Ross’s house for a short while. It really is amazing how much history is in Philadelphia! Then, the three of us headed towards Reading Terminal Market to get some snacks and coffee. It was beyond packed in there, probably because it was so windy outside!

Our evening was spent at the Phillies game with some friends from school. We ate so many crab fries, the best game food! The game was crazy because the Phillies scored twelve runs in the first inning. Fun Fact! The record for most runs in a single inning in seventeen! The Phillies ended up winning the game, not to anyone’s surprise. It started to get a little chilly towards the end of the game, and we ended up switching out our beer for hot chocolate to stay warm!

The next morning we walked the dogs over to Federal Donuts for breakfast! The only way to eat these donuts is immediately, when they are hot and fresh and oh so delicious. We enjoyed sitting outside and soaking up the sunshine. My favorite donut is the strawberry and lavender, but you have to eat it right away when it melts in your mouth!

It was a wonderful and way too short of a weekend with these guys visiting! I am happy they live so close to where I am moving back to so I can spend more time with them. All in all, it was a jam-packed weekend of fun!

The Weekly Update

This week has been a little bit of a whirl wind. Getting back from such a wonderful weekend vacation, made it really hard to fall back into normal life, but it was also the energy recharge that I needed to get through this week. This weekend one of my longest friends and her boyfriend are coming up to Philly to visit. I am so excited to explore the city I know with my friends. We are going to spend Saturday night at the Phillies game which is going to be great!

I get to spend two weeks at home on vacation after this. My hours are going to be spent biking as much as possible, weather dependent! Please pray for sunshine and warm, spring days. My brother and I have been on a real health kick trying to eat as healthy as possible to get ready for our upcoming bike races. It has been great. I never feel stuffed or gross, which is a great feeling. I need to keep this up for the next three weeks before my endurance race!

Here are some things I am loving right now!

Easter Dessert // I absolutely love Easter. It is a fantastic excuse to see my family and eat candy (I know I just said I need to eat healthy, but everything is OK in moderation!). We still do an Easter egg hunt with our eggs full of candy! Here is a cute treat to bring to your family’s Easter celebration.

J. Crew’s Jenna // Jenna is leaving J. Crew. I cannot really wrap my head around this because she is someone I associate with J. Crew so completely. She does classic with a twist so well, and she is someone I look to for inspiration! I will say that J. Crew hasn’t been my go to shop as much recently, that I just don’e love everything like I used to. They still have a ton of great things to choose from, but they aren’t for me. Here are two (one, two) great articles to read about it! I am intrigued and curious to see where J. Crew heads now.

Rain, Rain, Go Away // The old saying April showers bring May flowers has been in full affect. It just keeps raining, with more rain in the forecast. I have to walk my dogs and get to and from school even if it is raining. I was in search for shoes that I could wear around school without being Bean boots or tall rain boots, and I found these guys! I cannot wait for them to come in the mail.

Creative Dog Owners // My sister sent me this fantastic article about a man and his bull terrier. We had a bull terrier named Logan growing up, and these guys are sure special. Read this article if you need a smile. The images are awesome!

Exploring Annapolis

My mom and I took the dogs to Downtown Annapolis for some exploring. Once my mom started to feel better, we needed to get her out of the house to have some fun and going down to the water was just the ticket! It is so much fun just to be down there. The atmosphere is so bright and happy and being down on the water is extremely relaxing. Once I graduate, in just seven weeks, I will be fifteen minutes from downtown by car and forty minutes by bike, making it somewhere I hope to spend a lot of time.


The dogs absolutely love it down there. People wanted to pet and love on them and they enjoyed staring down all the ducks! It was also such a beautiful day that they were happy to be out in the fresh air. I love to walk around and peek in shops. One of my favorite places to go to is Dock Street Coffee and grab a drink. Honestly, it is better than Starbucks!

We stopped by Storm Bros Ice cream and grabbed an ice cream cone to share. The ice cream here is top notch and delicious. I hope not to get addicted to it when I move here! There are so many great restaurants down here as well that will be great to eat at with friends and family, especially once the weather gets nice and we can eat outside.



The Weekly Update

I was so disappointed by this week’s snowstorm! I was on vacation with no where to be and wanted an excuse to snow me inside by the fire place, but I woke up to the freezing rain hitting my window on Wednesday morning. I looked outside and could still see the grass peeking through the snow. There was enough snow for kids to sled at a nearby park, and we also saw a snowman (the warm snow was great for packing). Dizzy still loved the small the amount of snow we got and enjoyed doing donuts in the yard!

One of my goals for while we are home is to make sure Dizzy has the best possible time. I know how hard it is for her when I am so busy with school working long hours. It is so easy for me to see how I am doing with her Whistle activity monitor. We got Kiwi one for her birthday and I know my sister has been struggling to make sure Kiwi hits her goal everyday. This week I drove down to visit my sister, Paige, this week and pick up her dog. She has some busy weeks and weekends ahead and needed someone to watch Kiwi. It is perfect for me because I am on vacation!

It has been great spending some time with my parents this week. My parents have a weird work schedule where they work sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. I like it because there is usually someone home with me to hang out with or do things with! My dad is always ready to do bike activities while my mom is more ready to relax, play with the dogs, or work on the house! It’s a great balance for me. Pretty soon, I will be moved out and on my own and I won’t get to spend as much time wit my parents, so I am cherishing this time with them!

Here are some things I am loving this week!

It’s Prom Season! // How cute is this? These two kids met during cross country and he used that as a way to ask her to prom! I cannot imagine how long it took him to plan out the route to make sure it spelled prom.

Envy of Artists // I wish I was an artist or had any artistic ability. I love looking at art and seeing what other people can create. I find watching the Lilly Pulitzer print designers paint really soothing! Here is a video of their new painting at The Breaker’s in Palm Beach!

March Madness // March Madness has officially begun! I stumbled across this highlight real from all the best game winning shots over the years. It is no secret that I love the Terps and was rooting for them in their tournaments this year. Check out this bracket and pick your winner or just follow along with the tournament!

Cute Sneakers // I have been on the hunt for a pair of sneakers for everyday wear that don’t look like your wearing your running shoes and mom jeans. I couldn’t pick a final pair, until I found these new Tory Burch sneakers with the cute ruffles! Now, I just need to pick a color.

Pass the Heinz // 50 years ago Don Draper proposed an idea for a Heinz Ketchup ad that was passed up. Now, they used his idea for a Mad Men inspired commercial. Such a fun way to combine the two with this new ad! (I cannot wait to have some french fries once I finish the Whole 30).