The Weekly Update

The last month has been beyond hectic. There are just not enough hours in the day, and at the end of the day, I am exhausted. I am exhausted to the point where I cannot function. My dad and I each took a 1.5 hour nap on Tuesday afternoon ignoring our To-Do lists. Even though it has been so busy, it has been a good kind of busy. In the last month, I graduated from veterinary school, moved out of Philadelphia, moved back in with my parents, rode a five day stage race, my brother got married, I turned 25, and moved into my new house. The last three have all happened in the last week. I am ready for a little R and R.

Here are some major life updates!

  1. Biking // Not that biking had not taken over my life before, but it has definitely taken over more than ever in these last weeks. My dad, Heath, and I raced the Tran-sylvania Epic five day stage race over Memorial Day weekend. We all had such an amazing time that they convinced me to sign up for the Wilderness 101, 101 miles of rocks and mountains. Now, I have to get down to business and really train. I am excited and extremely nervous. I have just over a month to train. This is when I know how lucky I have to have friends and family to ride and train with me!
  2. Starting Work // Pending my final paperwork, I should be able to officially start work on Monday. Being 25 (it feels so old) and finally getting my first adult job, feels crazy. I have been going to school forever. I can’t wait to start my job and put my knowledge to the test. It is a dream come true!
  3. Moving // My sister and I finally get to move into our new place. Moving was fun and exciting for a day. Now, I am so sick of moving boxes and unpacking. My room is a total disaster, and the list of things to buy is getting longer. We didn’t realize that neither of us has silverware! I tried buying silverware and didn’t like the options, so we are currently stuck with plastic silverware until we can get some.
  4. Wedding // My brother, Heath, got married this weekend. I honestly cannot believe it. He has become such a rock and support system for me over the last three years, and I know how lucky his wife is to have him. The wedding was so much fun! It came up so quickly and flew by. Now, they are off on their honeymoon sending us gorgeous pictures of Colorado where they are biking with their dogs (We are green monsters of jealousy back home).
  5. Traveling // The four of us are headed to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard on Monday. My mom has been begging us to go and we are finally taking the trip. She has a whole itinerary planned. I am really hoping for some down time to relax and recover from these busy weeks. Plus, I am stoked to find the best lobster roll!


Ch- Ch- Changes

This last two weeks have been a whirl wind of things. From finishing school, to a trip to Mexico, and then home to graduate. It has been full of more emotions than I could have imagined. There are been so much joy and excitement- finishing school, becoming a veterinarian, and spending time with friends in Mexico- so much happiness. But, then came the realization that I have to become an adult and all my friends are moving away from each other. I wasn’t ready for that. I miss my friends more than ever, and I wish we were all back together!


Packing up my apartment has been a few weeks in the making. I haven’t moved in four years, and I have accumulated way to much stuff. So much of it is just stuff and junk. I piled three trash bags full of clothes to donate while I was at school and another five since being at home. I think it is finally easier to part with some things now that I am changing my focus in my life. I am no longer a kid in college and am now an adult with a real job! It feels great to get rid of so much, especially because it means less to move and unpack in a few weeks! My dad keeps pushing me to get rid of more so I don’t fill my new place with junk.


The house my family was renovating for me to move into isn’t ready yet. All my stuff (which is way more than I had imagined) is crammed in my bedroom at home and the furniture is in the garage. I can’t find anything, and it is beginning to really wear on me. I have lost things in the move- I am not sure if I accidentally donated things or if they are just in a box somewhere.  The house is also so close to being done that it is frustrating to not be moving into it. The excitement of being in it and unpacking it and making it my own has been such a long time coming that I just cannot wait!
My brother is getting married in less than two weeks. It felt like this day was so far away when the process all began. I can’t believe it is almost here. Everything is just about ready, and there will always be little things that need to get done over the last days. It is going to be such a whirl wind next two weeks!

This week my dad, Heath, and I are competing in the Transylvania Epic, a five day mountain bike race in State College, PA. We have rented an RV, my dad hates camping in tents, and are getting everything ready for the weekend. It is going to be a hard week of riding for me, all rocks and single track what I struggle with the most! My dad, Ron and I did a long mountain bike ride on Sunday. I fell and bent my brake lever, causing a last minute stop at our local bike shop. Lucikly, they were able to fix it easily. Keep you fingers crossed that the rain holds off!

Cancun Senior Week

Between our last rotation and graduation, some friends decided to go to Cancun to celebrate for one last hooray! We stayed at an all inclusive resort and relaxed for five days. It was exactly what we needed to unwind after all the stress and work over the last year and a half. The views were breathtaking!


It was the most wonderful week filled with friends, fun, laughter, and so much food! We spent almost all day at the beach relaxing and swimming. There were two beaches and six pools, one was on the roof! The resort felt super big, giving you space to move around and explore! One of my favorite places was the light house on the point!

Being as pale as I am, aka a ghost, I struggled so much with trying to keep from burning. I brought a carry on suitcase, so all my sunscreen needed to be less than 3 oz- no spray sun screen for me! I religiously put on sunscreen every 2 hours at first, and slowly began to spread it out. I wanted to get a little tanner, so I wasn’t the color of sand, but I really didn’t want to burn or over do it! I may, if you squint, slightly have a tan line, but that is so much better than harming my skin!

Being at an all inclusive resort, we had unlimited access to food and drinks, really testing our self control! There was a coffee shop (the bet coffee ever), Mexican, Italian, Asian (sushi and hibachi), American, and French restaurants, a buffet that changed, and a pastry shop! Way too many options, and we had to try them all! There were bars everywhere for you to grab a drink, even a swim-up bar in one of the pools!


I love these guys and I am so happy to call them my colleagues!

Officially Dr. Thumel

Yesterday, I graduated from veterinary school, making me Dr. Thumel. It is crazy to believe that my childhood dream (since the age of three) has finally come true. Hours of studying and stressing has finally paid off. It’s unreal and has definitely not sunk in yet!


Penn has an awesome tradition where veterinarians within a family or Penn faculty are able to present a student’s diploma. Both my parents came up on stage to present me with mine. It meant so much more this way! My mom was beginning to tear up and I couldn’t look at her because I knew it would make me cry.


School’s Out For Ever!

This weekend was my last weekend of clinics, finishing with a bang being on call for surgery all day Sunday. Our last day of clinics on Friday was such a weird feeling. Some classmates brought in a waffle maker and griddle to make us funfetti pancakes and waffles. There was so much food and we basically ate all day.


We have all been going to school for so long, it doesn’t feel right to not be. I am definitely excited to be an adult, but I am going to miss all my friends. My class has become such a family. I love wandering through the hospital to find friends and chat or ask for help on a case. We are definitely going to need a big group chat to bounce ideas off each other and share our crazy cases together.


Today, some of my friends and I are headed to Cancun to soak up some run and celebrate the occasion! We are carrying on our luggage, and I struggled so hard getting everything to fit. I know I overpacked and can’t seem to remember what I forgot, there is always something. I burn so easily because I never get to spend time outside. I purchased sunscreen before I left, which had to be smaller than 3 oz, so I bought three bottles (I really don’t want to get burnt!) I plan on always wearing a hat to protect my face. Can’t wait to lay on the beach for three days and just relax!

What I Am Listening To

I have been driving a lot more recently. Normally, I never drive anywhere because my brother takes the car home on the weekends, and if we are driving to or from home, he is the one that is driving. My rotation is currently out at our large animal hospital, which is about an hour from school, even though the school says it is 40 min which would only happen if every light is green and there were no other cars on the road. I have been driving from Philly most days to get there and back instead of staying in the dorms out there. It is not the most practical choice (seeing as I have to be at school by 5:45am), but I love coming home, laying on the sofa with my brother’s dog, and sleeping in my own bed.

I usually love to listen to music while I drive, and I am fortunate to have Sirius Radio in my car. The Morning Mashup on Hits 1 usually keeps me entertained, but I have recently started to get bored of music, something I never thought I would ever say. When I listen to Spotify, I find myself just hitting next after the first minute of a song and before I know it I am through my playlist.

This led me to start listening to Podcasts while I drive, and I found my answer, The TED Hour Radio. These are conversations and parts of TED talks about a certain subject matter. The show’s are about one hour, which is my commute time. When I listen to them on my way to school, I feel myself more inspired for the day ahead of me. I can’t wait to get back in the car, something that I never say, and make the drive because the talks help you to think in other ways or about things you try to avoid. I have even found myself listening to the whole TED talk when I get home.


If you have never listened to a TED talk, I highly recommend it. You can find a topic on just about anything. The speakers are so moving, it’s incredible. The people who give them have done incredible life changing things. The TED Hour Radio I listened to today talked about a town in England called Todmorden that has planted vegetables around that are for everyone to eat and take as they need! This has spread to many other towns around the area as well. Or about Crisis and Response about a storm on Mt Everest (related to the book Into Thin Air). Or about Hidden things we find like a mythical 180 degree river that flows in South America that actually exists.

There is also an NPR podcast called Embedded that goes into depth about current news articles that I am excited to try in the upcoming weeks. I am excited to keep this going and to continue to learn about what is going on in the world around me!

Snow Much Fun this Weekend

Well, I think winter has finally begun. The weather decided to drop just as I moved out to the large animal hospital where I spend almost all day outside. There is no amount of jackets, boots, gloves, and hats that can keep be warm enough outside. It is also really hard to do treatments and handle horses when you feel like a giant marshmallow. I spend so much time taking my jacket and gloves on and off, and I also have a hard time hearing what’s going on with ear warmers. The other morning it was 11 degrees outside!


When it snowed this weekend, I was happy to be in Philly and not trapped out in Kennet. One of my favorite things is playing with the dogs in the snow because they love it so much. Unfortunately, Dizzy has been at home with my parents because I didn’t know how much time I would spend in Philly, and I didn’t want to add to my brother’s workload. So, I took Oakley to a nearby field and played with him outside. He loved it! He plays fetch non-stop and carries that frozen ball in his mouth. Oakley never seems to get tired while you are playing with him. He brings that ball back and tosses it at your feet!


All this snow really makes we want to go skiing. I haven’t been since I started graduate school which was the week I found out I was accepted. I cannot wait to go for a long weekend once I graduate. I may need to take a lesson or two because it has been so long!! I hope we get some more snow, maybe on a week day so we get a snow day or when Dizzy is around.