Surviving an All Inclusive Resort

Last week I went to Cancun with friends to celebrate our upcoming graduation from veterinary school. It was an all inclusive resort, meaning all of our food and drinks were included, aka unlimited food and drinks at all hours! The most dangerous combination when you are celebrating with friends and wearing a bathing suit!


For most of the week, we just laid around on the beach, not moving. Occasionally, we would get up and swim in the water, but usually our adventures from the beach were for breakfast, lunch, and our snack. Not the best situation. Servers constantly came around to see if we needed anything to drink. Making it harder and harder to be good!


I know myself and know that I have no self control when tempted. The best thing for me to do is to keep myself out of the danger zone. It is really easy to be laying in bed at night telling yourself, tomorrow you are going to be good, not snack and eat no dessert, but the other side goes, hey you are on vacation and celebrating.

Here are some things I learned over the week!

  1. Make time for the gym // I like to start my mornings on vacation with a workout. For me, it means I definitely got it done. Who knows what fun activity may happen later, and I never want to miss out because I need to work out. I tend to eat better if I have gone to the gym and worked out because it kicks starts my morning!
  2. Walk through the whole buffet // Most all inclusive resorts have a buffet restaurant. I get totally overwhelmed with all the options and before I know it, my plate is piled to the sky with food. Then, you look at your plate and say you won’t eat it all, but you might, and maybe you will even go back for seconds. Planning out what you want to eat can really help you limit what you are going to get.
  3. Gym with friends // As always, you are more reliable when you have someone counting on you or encouraging you to go. Make a plan with a friend to go to the gym, exercise on the beach, or attend a workout class! Some of us went to a water cycling class where the exercise bike was actually in the pool under water.
  4. Pick your drinks carefully // I don’t drink much alcohol. There are very few drinks I actually enjoy drinking and I stick to those. Unfortunately, the ones I love are made with so much sugar. At the beach, it is so easy to fall into drinking margaritas and daiquiris and anything else beachy, but these drinks aren’t great for you. Limit these drinks and pick something else to drink along side.
  5. Exercise outside // I am not great at working out in a gym. I spend way to much time worrying about everyone around me watching me then actually getting a good workout in. Those “weird” exercises I do at home make me uncomfortable and I can’t do them in the gym. I also loathe running on treadmills for more than 10 minutes (but unfortunately you can’t always run outside in strange places). I began moving my exercises to a location either on the beach (which was extra hard) or just a remote grassy location. I was more secluded than at the gym, making me less self conscious, and it was a beautiful view!


I took a lot of sweaty elevator selfies after the gym! Please share any tips you have!

Running Motivation

I have recently started running again. When I first started running in high school, I was always running with my teammates and rarely ran alone. Then, when I started running by myself, it became eerie and I had a hard time. I just seemed to lose the motivation and discipline I had once previously had. I love running for the fact that you can let things fly through your mind and de stress, but I hate running because it gives you so much time to think. That is when I started running with music to pass the time.


My running playlist tends not to get changed or updated because I just forget. I remember when I am running and never remember when I get home. Now that I have been running more often, I needed to update it to keep me moving. I love songs that are upbeat and motivate me to keep going. The tempo of the song really affects my stride and pace, so the faster the better! I also enjoy listening to songs that mean something to me, that have a good memory attached. For some reason, it really helps me to keep going. My playlist also has to be way longer than whatever work out I am doing. I have a habit of skipping songs like crazy!

Here are the top songs from my current running playlist!


Any recommendations? Throw them my way!

Boston Strong

I had the most inspirational start to my week. I was fortunate to get to watch my friend kick the Boston Marathon’s butt! I flew up to Boston on Sunday night after spending Easter with my family. After a  little bit of a hectic plane departure (sitting on the tarmac for over an hour waiting to get off), I got to my friend Katelyn’s apartment.


We got up early the next day to drive her into the city and see her off to the buses for the start line of the race. Our goal was to make it to as many spots along the route (hoping for three) to see her go by. We made it to two spots and the finish line to cheer her on! I was so happy to have friends in Boston to help get us around. It would have been really confusing otherwise!

Katelyn is one of the people who sets amazing goals and actually reaches them. Each time we saw her throughout the day, she was smiling and so positive. It was so great to be there to cheer her on. She is someone that I wish I could be more like. I love her to death and am so lucky to have her in my life.


The most amazing site was the finish line. People were trucking along to get to the finish. Some people were hurting and others were flying by. Runners pulled out their phones to take pictures and videos of the finish line. The crowds were going crazy. It was such an amazing experience and I am so glad I got to experience my first Boston Marathon.

I flew out early the next morning. I was so inspired by this day that I spent all my time looking up marathon information- what marathons were in my area coming up and how to qualify for Boston. We’ll see if this bucket list dream can get pushed up the list!

The Bridge Run

My mom and I had the best time in Charleston this weekend. It was full of so much sunshine, love, laughter, and fun! We got into Charleston late on Friday night, and we went straight to our hotel in preparation for the Bridge Run. This was a run across the Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge, which we  learned is the longest cable bridge in the US!

Our alarm clock rang at 5:30am, which was extremely unwelcome after we stayed up until 12:30am watching the Mississippi State vs UConn women’s basketball game. Thankfully, our hotel had water and fruit out before we left at 6:00am.  We got on a school bus to take us from Downtown Charleston over to Mount Pleasant where the race started. We got up and moving a little early. We had to wait at the start line for a little over an hour in the chilly morning air.

The great thing about this race was the atmosphere. Everyone was so happy and positive and most of all excited to be out there and running the race. Once the race got started, everyone was moving really fast. The race started out kind of flat leading up to the bridge. This bridge definitely didn’t look like much of a hill until you got there and started going up, and up, and up. The top was a false flat. The views were beautiful looking out over the bridge. It was hard not to stop and just look over the edge.

Then, we all got to head downhill for a long while and everyone began to pick up their pace. As we turned down King Street, everyone get speeding up. The crowds were great and helped me to keep moving to the finish, even though my legs were starting to get tired. My favorite part of the crowd was passing by Lululemon where there was a bunch of people out spinning with great music! It really helped me to push through the last little bit. Once at the finish, I waited for my mom by the Krispie Kream truck. She saw them setting these out in the morning before we left and that’s what she was most looking forward too. We hung around the finish line festival eating food and relaxing in the sunshine!

We were both really happy with out times. I was especially happy since I haven’t run since November when I ran the Bay Bridge Run.I know biking is great exercise, but you really use different muscles, very evident in how sore my legs have been these last two days. My mom was really sick and unable to workout for almost two weeks, plus she has a bruised heel, which hurts her to walk on a daily basis. It was a fantastic run and a great experience. We already have plans to come back down next year and bring along my sister for the race!

After the race, we had the whole day to explore this magical city!

Beat the Bridge

This weekend my mom, Paige, Aunt Tracey, and two cousins, Katie and Tavia, took the challenge to run across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It is a 10K run starting on the western shore of Maryland and cross the bridge to the eastern shore. The hardest part is the beginning where you head up over the bridge for two miles straight. It isn’t super steep, but you don’t stop going up hill. The best part is the three mile down hill after hitting the top. There was also a huge crowd cheering us on the whole way across the bridge. Continue reading “Beat the Bridge”